A broad perspective with a focus on the essentials. An unconventional, free-thinking entrepreneur follows the same philosophy when creating new wines. Combining what others deem impossible, swimming against the current, seeking challenges and taking them on – and meanwhile writing entirely new stories.


Life is inspired by encounters.

Two sides meet to create a third – a whole. The aim is to deliberately cause these encounters to happen in the realm of wine. Things that seem to contrast – like vision and tradition, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary winemaking, traditional handcrafting and an unquenchable inquisitiveness – are brought together through these efforts.

why not?

Our journey begins where another ends.

This is not the story of a lifelong winemaker who self-identities as a vintner, but rather as a trailblazer and connoisseur. The vision of the next perfect wine originates in a dialogue with carefully cultivated experts from all over the world, all of them eager to seek adventure outside the well-worn pathways.

a creation, not a product

Unsurpassed standards for the taste experience and ecology.

Focusing on the vision – first the idea, then the grape varieties and the soils. The drive to discover – and to be a citizen of the world. Curious to learn about freethinkers, handcrafters, and those who do things differently – behind each impulse is an individual, people encountering each other with appreciation. The result: a creation with a personal touch.

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